All About Massage
Our massage therapists are both licensed and certified, and will customize any massage to be “All About You ". Choose whether you want to just relax or work on problem areas with a therapeutic massage. 

All About You Total Relief Massage -60 min $80 
Calm your mind, body and spirit with a massage at your requested intensity. This massage will alleviate stiffness and fatigue as well as increase circulation to support long term health. Rejuvenate with hot stoneas.This is not a deep pressure massage.    
Upgrade to 90 min - $105
Therapeutic Focus Massage - $50 
 Helpful for chronically tense and contracted muscles. Pressure is usually deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain. (30 Minutes)    
Deep Tissue Massage - $85  
Deep Tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue to release chronic  tension. Slow strokes and deep pressure work on tight areas to alleviate pain and knots to restore flexibility. (1 hour) 
Prenatal Massage - $50  
 Pregnancy massage is specifically designed for the comfort of the mom-to-be by using pillows and padding  for  support. (30 Minutes) 
Upgrade to 1 hr - $85   
Reflexology Massage - $45
 Reflexology is a massage based on the belief that the body has an" inner" network of reflex points in the hands and feet that connect to other organs. The  body's system and organs benefit from the pressure.  (30 Minutes)   
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